Enlightenment Express

Who are you really deep down?

This is the most important question, as it changes everything. Are you your body, thoughts and feelings? Are you the programs given to you by others? Or are you a
Cosmic Enlightened Being
just waiting to be seen, loved and awakened? It often takes a bright soul to awaken another! Its time!

Have you had enough suffering?

I truly believe we will have our challenges in life until we are tired of them. Are you tired of your suffering, your self-hatred and self-sabotage? Are you tired of not understanding why things happen to you over and over again? Are you tired of not having enough love, money and amazing people in your life?

Are you God, the demons and all?

If you are god almighty, with all your powers intact, ready and capable to create whatever you want or need, why on earth are you creating the experience you are having now? Loving that reason will change everything. Then you will remember why you came to this world to have this experience.

Martin Marstrand
Enlightenment Express!

I come from the land of the Fjords: Norway - I am Powered and Inspired by Nature

Authenticity, openness, self-reflection, and self-love are qualities that I bring with me from home.

I support you to access your free, powerful, and authentical self through my compassionate abilities. I believe your true potential is hidden beneath all you do not love and want to accept about yourself. It would be my pleasure to support you to liberate yourself, so that you may discover, love and integrate all that you are.

I offer coaching to businesses, organizations, and private individuals in English, German, Spanish and Norwegian.

I offer Private sessions for 75 Euros per hour in my practice and for companies from 150 Euros per hour. For startups and etc, I charge a core fee of 75 Euros per hour and if you are happy with my services you can pay me a bonus .

Please send me a mail to info@martin-marstrand.com if you are interested in booking a session or if you want a free telephone call.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.