Martin Marstrand
Corporate Oracle / Consciousness Coaching
Martin Marstrand
Corporate Oracle / Consciousness Coaching



Do you want more of all the good stuff in life ?
We humans have so much unevolved potential that we can easily learn how to access. The Human 2.0 Program will support you and your co-workers, to perform better on all levels, be more creative and content.


Everyone can learn it !
What ever you do in life, and what ever challenges you face, to know yourself, be playful in the Here and Now and accepting yourself, will always support you to enjoy life to the fullest.
Are you ready to access your
Human 2.0 Potential ?


Do you love your life ?
Through intuitive self inquiry, improv theater, meditation, dialog, mindfulness, creative conflict resolution and voice work you can learn how to access you highest potential. You may experience the change on all levels in your life.

Martin Marstrand
"Passion for Human Growth"

I come from the land of the Fjords: Norway - I am Powered and Inspired by Nature

Autenticity, openness, self reflection and self love are qualities that I bring with me from home.

I support you to access your free, powerful and authentical self through my compassionate abilities. I believe your true potential is hidden beneath all you do not love and want to accept about yourself. It would be my pleasure to support you to liberate yourself fully and truly, so that you may be all that you can be.

I offer coaching to businesses, organisations, and private individuals in English, German, Spanish and Norwegian

Coaching does not have to be very expensive. I offer private Coaching for 75 Euros per hour in my practice and for companies I offer all kind of Coaching from 150 Euros per hour. My Coaching fees are of course open for discussion, as the most important thing for me is that you and or your team get the opportunity to realise your potensial and expand your consciousness.

Please send me a mail to if you are interested in booking a session or if you want a free telephone call.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.